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Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Janet V. (Independence, US)

Really like both shampoo and conditioner. Not nearly as much hair loss and my hairdresser actually said I have some new hair coming in!


This is absolutely the best shampoo I have ever used.

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo
Lucy J. (Waconia, US)

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo - Back in stock!

Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
anna r. (Los Angeles, US)
NATURE QUEN Shampoo and Conditioner

Cannot say how much I love this product, and the smell. After about 3 uses noticed considerably less hair loss. Still too early to know whether much hair growing back, but the condition of my hair so much better and softer and less brittle.

Soft Silicon Scalp Massager
Mariana T. (Brooklyn, US)
soft silicon scalp massager

I appreciated the gift to compensate for the delay of my products. I found the scalp massager not a right fit for my very very sensitive scalp. I use a baby scalp massager which is perfect for me. However, it is a good product and would recommend for people with stronger healthier scalps. Again thank you.


I ran out of this product and realized how much I missed it. Had to get a refill.

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo
Gloria S. (Adrian, US)
Shampoo & Conditioner

I love them both. I have fine hair and usually conditioner weights it down. This conditioner does not. The shampoo and conditioner give my the much needed thickness and body that I like.

Soft Silicon Scalp Massager
Carole430 (Temecula, US)
Love it

Love the soft scalp scrubber. It gently massages my scalp better than I could do it with my fingers. It activates the shampoo to give lots of lather. Great find.

Soft Silicon Scalp Massager
Donna N. (Nashville, US)
I love the scalp massager. Not too hard and not too soft.

Feels so good on your scalp and makes hour shampoo lather up more.

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo
Shelly D.H. (Grants Pass, US)

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo - Back in stock!

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo
Diana P. (Bourbonnais, US)
Greatest shampoo ever!

This is the best shampoo hands down. It’s well worth the cost.

Nature Queen shampoo & conditioner

I have used it for the last 2 weeks. I like both of them even though my hair is more coarse but there is less hair in the drain, so that’s wonderful

Quality Products

I have used these products for three years!

Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Maryjo B. (Douglasville, US)

I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner! I ordered my sister some and she feels the same way! Thanks

Organic Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb
Amaryllis D. (Lake Havasu City, US)
Fantastic product

I’ve ordered several different products, and I must say they’re great!!! This bamboo comb is beautiful and perfect!!! It doesn’t pull the hair, it’s soft to the scalp! Love it!!!

Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Margaret L. (Lutherville-Timonium, US)
Nature Queen Feedback

I’m giving Nature Queen shampoo and conditioner 5 Stars because I had an itchy scalp and it has helped so much! Also the scent of being in the woods with evergreens has given me many comments from my friends that I smell like Christmas!! Thank you Nature Queen!!

Very good products

We love using these products for the entire family!

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo
Marie K. (Cheshire, US)
Thinning Hair

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for over a year with some success. My hair is still thin but it would be much worse with out these products. Thank you

It actually keeps my hair from falling out
I didn’t really believe it at first but it actually does
Wish I had it a few years ago

Great Products (Shampoo & Conditioner)

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about two years. I really like them. For one who has thinner hair (at 60, I still have essentially all of it, but it is fine textured), these products bring out the best.

Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Chris K. (Culbertson, US)
Nature Queen Beauty

It really worked for me!!! It made my hair thicker after losing it after being so sick. It’s growing longer faster than it ever did with any other product on the market!! It’s has a really nice fragrance!! Just love this!!! Will not use anything else ever again!!! Love this!!!

Best hair care hands down!

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I started losing my hair. This has been the only product to slow that down! I lose less hair in the shower and after brushing. My hair looks and feels great! I'll be a nature queen consumer for life!

Love This Product!

I love everything about Nature Queen Herbal Body Lotion. It really works to make your skin soft. And the scent is amazing! I wish there was a body spray with the same scent.

pillow case

lovely to look at, lovely to sleep on. Why am I not surprised!

Glenda from Michigan

I really love this shampoo and conditioner. My hair has a total different texture.
It's so soft (it used to be very course) And it does feel like it's gotten more thick. And I love the smell of my hair when I use it.