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I like the feel of my hair using Nature Queen Shampoo

I do not know that the product has made my hair thicker. JUst like the way it leaves my hair.


I had been losing my hair so rapidly I thought I was going bald. I’ve tried other shampoos but nothing was working. Then I tried Nature Queen and now my hair is starting to come back and it feels so good. My husband has started using it and he no longer has a bald spot on his head and trust me, it was VERY noticeable. His hair is coming back in and he had been bald there for years. His nephews called him Uncle Doughnut…….until now. This is my second bottle because my first bottle is at our camper.

Growth Herbal Shampoo for Thinning Hair
Suzanne L.S. (Chicago, US)
Nature Queen

I love the smell and the fact I no longer need to use cream rinse! .Friends say my hair looks better and fuller and the color is brighter. I do not dye my hair.

Good stuff

Love the product.


I am Type 1 Diabetic, for fifty years. I’ve been told, due to this, my hair has gotten thin, sometimes making it hard to cover my scalp. The first application I could tell this is a game changer! My hair feels thicker, my scalp feels healthier, I don’t want to use anything else! It is so different from any other shampoo, I love it! I tell people how great it is, my daughter asked me if I was selling it! I told her ‘No, it’s just so good”.

Works well but…….

I love your product but my last two orders I can’t get the shampoo to come out of the pump. It’s way too thick to come out, I only get a very small amount! I’ve taken to using the pump tube as a dip stick. It’s frustrating.

Love smell and feel of hair

Love these products

Love it

I will continue to buy.

Protective Herbal Hair Oil
J.C. (Brockway, US)
Nice oil

Applied after shampooing at ends of hair. Makes my hair soft and healthier than ever before! Smells great!

Growth Herbal Shampoo for Thinning Hair
Sylvia H. (Bloomfield, US)

Too early apparently

Protective Herbal Hair Oil
Gloria R. (Orange, US)
Awesome product!!

This not only works great - it smells incredible!! So far all products of Nature Queen have surpassed my expectations!!!

Seriously, The Best!

I wasn't expecting the night sweats to stop! 😳 I didn't realize how breathable and cooling silk is. I was told all my life that cotton is the most breathable, mind you I had a cotton pillowcase prior to my purchase. I also stopped waking up with crazy hair. I bought my toddler this pillowcase too for her crazy hair and it is helping immensely. I'm just all-around happy with this product! I'm definitely going to be buying again! And for those of you wondering, the color of the pillowcase is an ivory white. It's beautiful!

Nature Queen Shampoo and Condition

Great product and it works. Does not irritate my scalp. Most shampoos give me pumps on my scalp and itch. So happy I found this product.


It has improved the color and texture of my hair.

Growth Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum
Christine H. (Little Falls, US)
Love Nature Queen

I love the Nature Queen products. I got the anti age serum and the heat oil protector and I love them both. My hear has never been so soft and manageable. Look much healthier too.

Anti-aging Herbal Body Wash
Sherri L. (Tacoma, US)
My husband loves the fragrance of this on my skin

It smells like warm spice, clove, a touch of Patchouli, and wet Cedar on a early Spring day. I feel like Mother Earth when I use it. Lathers up nicely, smells amazing and still makes you feel squeaky Clean. Looking forward to using it in the bathtub.

I noticed Immediate Results.

Okay, This is the strangest, most wonderful product I have ever purchased. My friend Kathy had me try some of hers, because my hair was falling out. A lot of long silver blonde 65 year old hair falling out. Not treated. I went to the DR. Thought Thyroid? Nope, and I have worked Medical for almost 25 years now.
Let's talk about fragrance and texture of the Shampoo. I love it. But it is a unique fragrance. To me, it smells like Clove, warm spices, a touch of Patchouli, wet cedar trees and the earth in Spring. And is the color and texture of Molasses. But not sticky. Thick, concentrated, it does not lather up a lot, but just rub it together between your hands before shampooing your hair. The conditioner is light in color, silky and a little goes along ways, as well as the shampoo. It smells like lemongrass, but not too citrusy. The very first time I used it, I got several compliments on my hair. It looks so much better. I will re-order again. And having light colored hair, the darkness of the shampoo has not changed my color at all. Just made it shiny and silky. And feel thicker.

Best shampoo

It absolutely stops itching and oily dandruff scalp. Been using this for several years and plan to continue.

Growth Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum
Jacqueline M. (Detroit, US)

Love your product,i
fell it’s working. Will order again

Healthier Hair

I've been using Natute Queen shampoo and conditioner for several weeks and my hair and scalp look and feel healthier. The bonus is the fragrance. I love it.


I've used the product for over a year and although there is not new hair growth, the hair I have is not as brittle and is not breaking off as much. The last 2 bottles of the shampoo have been so thick that they will not "pump". Almost like there was a product change. If there was, it is far too thick for the dispenser and should be thinned.

It's fabulous!!

I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and serum for over a month and from the first shampoo I loved it! I have curly hair and with this shampoo I barely have to put any other products in my hair. My hair is shiny and soft. I will definitely keep using it!

Amazing shampoo

I been using this product for o over a year and the results are amazing I starting to loose my hair do to menopause this is the only shampoo that really helped me

Good Hair

This is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried yet. My hair is thicker and more resilient.

Anti-aging Herbal Body Lotion
Grizzylu♥️ (Sisters, US)
Most terrific smell ever!

The smell of these Priducts is just amazing. I love the way my hair feels, it is so soft and smells heavenly.