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I used this for a couple of weeks. The shampoo and conditioner worked well but the fragrance was too potent for me. I thought I would acclimate to it but I just was not able to do so.

Finally my hair is growing again!

Makes my hair feel thicker and fuller would recommend it

I received an EMPTY BOX!! The package was sent in the box it was manufactured in with just one piece of tape. The box was crushed and product removed!!! I am LIVID I have emailed customer service FIVE times and have not received a reply not one! I also included pictures as well. I am very disappointed as I have been a loyal customer and used their product for years, not anymore! If I could give them a zero rating I would for customer service!

Just started using it like it

I absolutely love this shampoo. It does have an earthy smell but I love that too. And my hair grows twice as fast as it ever did using something else. And it helps me keep my hair color because I’m kind of turning silver in spots. I don’t color my hair but I’ve heard it’s good for that too. I would completely tell everyone or anyone to buy the shampoo!

A great product. My hair is so much stronger and manageable

Least my hair, very soft and shiny, not frizzy at all.

Have been using this for 2 months..a definite difference in brow volume!!

Have to have this shampoo. Great for the scalp especially. Smell is great. I wish they made a body wash with the same smell. I have to admit I've used it on my body, can't resist!!

I love this product. I've been using it for along time now. Best part my husband likes it too

Lovely and moisturizing. I love it! I’m

Growth Herbal Shampoo for Thinning Hair
Darlene G. (Granite Falls, US)

I love the smell & feel of the product. The bottle doesnt work for me, the pump handle didnt work from day one. I havent used it too much since it is a big bittle & my hNds are not strong enough to squeeze it out. I put some in a smaller pump bottle & that is helpful.

great product. please cancel my future orders. I have enough.

It's only been less than a month but it seens my hair is growing....

Herbal Throat Guardian
George &.E. (Los Fresnos, US)
Throat Spray to The Rescue!

Spray is a Woderful refreshing way to sooth your throat without gargling and spitting. Just One Pump and your thoat is pleasantly coated with a minty tasting spray that spreads into your entire mouth. Ahhhhh! We will definitely re-order.