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Nature Queen Protective Hair Oil




I am 43 with thinning hair due to stressful situations in my life. I go through periods where it literally sheds for 3 months and I cry in the shower as handfuls fall out into my hands. I don’t know how they do it, but Nature Queen works! And all natural. The smell is organic heaven! Think Aveda but deeper, stronger and your hair will be fragrant for days. I credit an elderly woman for telling about this shampoo. She came into my boutique and in conversation told me about this. Well.... I’m a believer and will continue to nourish my hair with this amazing shampoo and conditioner. Just recently ordered a bundle that included the body wash and OMG! Now my entire bathroom smells like heaven when I am done showering. Honestly the best out there. I have spent thousands. This one wins hands down... and knowing it’s not full of chemicals is the best part. We have enough of those!

Nature's Best

I have been using Nature Queen shampoo and Conditioner for a year now. I absolutely would not use any other shampoo/conditioner. My hair is almost completely white, perfectly straight, and baby fine. Nature Queen makes my hair soft, silky, and shinny. I also love the Herbal Body Wash. Thank you for making such wonderful products.


Lovely scent, and leaves my hair so soft and touchable.

Great shampoo!

The best shampoo ever! I love the smell, feel and condition of my hair! Ihave shared this glorious stuff with a friend and she wanted more and I sent her your way!

Nature Queen Herbal Shampoo

I have not yet used this product. Still have other product to finish.

Great Product

I have allergies and sensitivity to many products. It has been a struggle to find products that do not effect me. Nature Queen does not affect my allergies and also leaves my hair looking great! I am very happy that I found this product.

Shampoo and conditioner

After using your products, which i LOVED, for a year or so I went back to commercial products. Thinking I would save some money. To my horror, my hair started falling out so bad! It was dry, dull and frizzy. I was finding my long hair everywhere!! And I wasn't really saving any money because I had to use so much more product! I switched back to Nature Queen and within days my issues subsided! I will NEVER use any other product again!

Best Smell


Nutrition for my hair

When I started using Nature Queen , I have not shampoo my hair with nothing else .

Herbal Body Wash & Lotion

I love it!


Unfortunately a couple weeks after receiving the product I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Now I have very little hair to care. Hopefully in a couple months......

Anti-age lotion

I like the lotion, makes my skin soft, fragrance was a bit strong 'for me' and i like the other products i have ordered

Great lotion

I use it every day!

Great product

Love the condition of my hair. Have not had any regrowth, but still a great product

shampoo and conditioner

I reordered the shampoo and conditioner for my sister. I had given her a sample. She loves it.l I love it. I am seeing new hair growth, which is badly needed. thanks for the great product.

Best shampoo and conditioner ever!!

I have been using nature queen shampoo for over a year now and i will not be trying anything else. My hair has thinned very badly as i have aged and had lost its luster. It is now shinny and manageable. I get compliments all of the time. I like it well enough that i sent a set to my sister for her birthday.

Love it

I see it slowly working but it’s working baby hairs all over the place.

I like the body lotion.

Love this product!

I love these products, very soothing to my scalp and my hair fallout seems to be slowing.


I am so pleased with your products I love the way my hair feels. And the fragrance is very pleasing

The shampoo and conditioner are awesome as always. My first experience with the body wash has been equally delightful. Fragrant, gentle and thorough.