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Nature Queen Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum
Nature Queen Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum
Nature Queen Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum
Nature Queen Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum
Nature Queen Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum

Nature Queen Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum

Nature Queen - Herbal Hair Products for Stronger, Thicker, and Healthier Hair

You've seen how the right vitamin-rich serum can rejuvenate and refresh your face, now discover what a serum can do for your scalp! 

With an herbal formula inspired by the natural flora of Southeast Asia and centuries-old hair care traditions that have been passed down in the region for generations, Nature Queen offers a new Anti-Aging Root Nourishing Serum that will give your scalp and hair a boost when you need it most.

Just as the effects of aging can leave fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, it can result in hair loss and dryness on your scalp.

Made in collaboration with local producers to find the best ingredients, Nature Queen's leave-in hair serum was created to help the busy, modern woman slow signs of age-related hair loss, and naturally boost the vitality and appearance of her hair and scalp.

 Our moisturizing serum contains peptides that will wake up your follicles, encourage blood circulation, and restore your hair’s natural radiance while helping it grow faster.

Stop aging in its tracks and support existing hair growth with the power of peptides and nine natural herbs.

Safe for all hair types, color-treated hair, and suitable for women and men.

Direction to use: 

For best results, use Nature Queen Root-Nourishing Anti-Aging Serum twice a day, following these easy steps:

  • Part your hair in the middle
  • Drop the serum directly onto your part
  • Gently massage serum into scalp
  • Part your hair one inch away from the last part and repeat
  • Continue as needed over the entire crown of your head

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DIRECTIONS: Apply 5-10 drops of serum on desired scalp areas. Gently massage into scalp and leave on. For best result, use twice daily. 

CAUTION: This herbal serum has a dark color and could temporarily stain white/silver/platinum blonde hair. If you have white/silver/platinum blonde hair, make sure you apply the serum only on your scalp and not on your hair.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
The very best

Has rescued my hair from disaster after surgery. Looking forward for even better results..

I’ve been using nature queen

I’ve been using nature queen for 3months and what a difference no lost hair and I have hair growing now love this product :hearts:️

Nature Queen Serum

I have not used the serum yet but I love the shampoo and conditioner. I have very sensitive skin and a compromised immune system so i’m careful about what I use. I want to be able to apply it twice a day when I start and I just haven’t started yet. I look forward to using it. I already have new hair coming in from using the shampoo and conditioner so i’m very optimistic about using the serum. I’m going to give it a 5 based on the performance of the shampoo and conditioner. And it smells so good!!!

Love love love

This product is simply beautiful. It smells delicious and it makes my hair feel incredible.

Hair loss due to medication

would this serum be useful for someone who’s losing there hair due to medication? or is it only if you’re losing your hair due to age