Our Story

Nature Queen story begins in the lush and tropical fields of Southeast Asia where women have long luscious hair that grow to their knees have discovered the beautifying and healing properties of different types of herbs hundreds of years ago. Passed on from mothers to daughters for generations, this unique recipe was gradually improved to protect and nourish local women’s hair and scalp in an ever changing environment.

Drawn to this tradition and the region’s rich biodiversity, we have worked with amazing local producers to perfect this unique recipe in Nature Queen hair care products to meet the demands of the modern world. Using nine types of healing herbs, Nature Queen products not only cleanse and give hair a luscious shine, they also fortify, stop hair loss, strengthen and revitalize damaged hair.

Our mission today is to share this well kept secret recipe with the rest of the world. It makes us the happiest to see our customers benefiting from this ancient recipe and feeling great in their own skin. We want to help bringing the queen out of every woman we have the honor of crossing path with.

Much like the sustainable ingredients used that come directly from the earth, all of the packaging that holds these precious formulas are 100% recyclable.