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Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Nature Queen Beauty Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner Set
Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)
Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)

Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)

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  • SUPPORT HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH AND HAIR STRENGTH - Nature Queen's signature formula was specially crafted to combat common hair and scalp ailments such as infection, dryness, excess oil, and support existing hair growth. Calm your scalp and strengthen your hair!

  • HEALING HERBS AND ESSENTIAL OILS - With natural ingredients such as lemongrass, patchouli, and holy basil, these products refresh, nourish, and stimulate follicles, so your hair feels thicker and fuller. They smell great, too!

  • CLEANSE, DETOXIFY, AND REPAIR - Each bottle of shampoo and conditioner contains extracts from 10 lbs of antioxidant-rich herbs. Fortify, replenish, moisturize your hair and scalp with every shampoo while nourishing growing hair and protecting against damage.

  • SAFE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Whether your hair is straight or curly, oily or dry, thick or thin—or even falling out—Nature Queen Shampoo + Conditioner can enhance its texture and vitality. They're also suitable for color-treated hair and sensitive scalps.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Nature Queen only uses sustainable ingredients in its products, and its packaging is 100% recyclable. And they never test their beauty products on animals. Treat your hair right, and feel good about it!


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Our products harness the power of 9 healing herbs

Gleditsia Australis Fruit

Gleditsia (or Honey Locust, Chumket, bo ket) gives hair a healthy sheen and more manageability. This conditioning fruit is also known for promoting hair growth, restoring/balancing the sebaceous glands, and combating bacteria.


Lemongrass is both an antibacterial and an antimicrobial, which helps minimize pesky dandruff, fungal infections, and other skin conditions that can potentially plague the scalp. Lemongrass oil helps strengthen hair follicles making it an ideal ingredient for those suffering from hair thinning or loss.


Patchouli is best known for its distinct aroma. However, this oil is also an exceptional skincare ingredient. Patchouli soothes and treats eczema, acne, chapped skin, oily skin, dermatitis, and dandruff. It is also known for its pH balancing properties (think of it as a toner for the scalp.)

Holy Basil

Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is a skin savior. This herb is best known for improving blood circulation and for its antioxidant properties. Those susceptible to thinning and brittle hair can expect to see an overall improvement in the composition of their tresses.

Shyonak Tree

The Shyonak tree is a staple in Ayurvedic practices; known for its antiseptic and astringent benefits, the extract from this tree is ideal for soothing disorders commonly associated with dry scalp.

Billy Goat Weed

Don’t let the name of this Brazilian plant fool you. Billy Goat Weed packs a powerful punch in the world of herbal medicine. This super ingredient treats eczema and infected hair follicles (i.e., ingrown hairs, inflamed follicles.)

White Mulberry

White Mulberry is a frequent staple in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. This incredible antioxidant is also antibacterial, hypolipidemic, adipogenic, and neuroprotective.

Indian Goosegrass

This ingredient combats and removes toxins as well as bacteria. Its tonic-like capabilities purify, detox, and stimulate the scalp. Also, Goosegrass promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles which increases hair growth.


Kalmegh, harvested from Southeast Asia, is traditionally used for infections. This herb is best known for its astringent and antibacterial properties. Kalmegh is also incredibly soothing on the scalp.

Results you can see


after one use

You could experience the detoxification effects after just one use, making your hair light, manageable, and voluminous.


after two weeks

You may notice the balancing effects on your scalp, making your scalp less oily or dry. You can wash your hair less often.


after one month

If you look closely, you might see more baby hair. Our products strengthen hair follicles, making new growth thicker and stronger.


after three months

Your hair should be stronger and less prone to breakage. You might notice less hair loss.


continued use

Your hair will become fuller and healthier.

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Beauty Queen Products

I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and body wash for my daughter. I don't know if she has tried the body wash yet, but she loves the shampoo and conditioner. Her psoriasis has improved remarkably. Her hair always smells so good and it looks good.


Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)


I used the shampoo and the conditioner. These are good natural products.

Good Products

Very happy with your products. My hair seems to have more body which makes me happy. I also like the body wash and lotion.

Love my locks!

I have used Nature Queen for nearly a decade and during a recent stay in the tropics for the winter I ran out. What a mistake ist was for me not to refill my Nature Queen products, my hair, long locks, are a MESS!!! I just received my order and am so excited to see the results that I expect from this marvelous product. I will never let myself go without again!!!

Unexpected benefits

I have been using Nature Queen shampoo and conditioner for more than two years now. I bought it because I wanted more natural products, and immediately fell in love with the rich later, incredible aromas, and the clean fresh feeling. For most of my adult life I have suffered with scalp psoriasis, flaking, unbearable itching, and irritation that would travel to my neck and face several inches past the scalp. I was using prescription steroid by creams, ointment, and shampoos, which would sometimes lower the misery slightly. By the second use of my Nature Queen shampoo and conditioner I could feel that my scalp was different and within a month I had a “normal” scalp, which I never thought would be possible. I am thrilled!!!!


Herbal Shampoo + Conditioner Set (16oz)

I love my Beauty Queen products

I just love these products by Beauty Queen. My hair is starting to fill thicker and the essential oils in the products make it amazing and smells good to use. I am looking forward to using your products for a long time. Thank you!!

So far, so good

I’ve been using Nature Queen for about 2.5 months now. It does leave my hair very nice......healthy with more body and volume. I am noticing new hair growth but it will take more time to be sure. Took a little time to adjust to the fragrance but I like it now. Good healthy ingredients so you can’t go wrong.

Loyal User...

My hair has become so much stronger over the years that I’ve been a loyal Nature Queen user! Initially, I had to use plant based hair masks once a week, in addition to the conditioner. Eventually I didn’t require needing the conditioner at all, as this past year I have not been washing it as frequently as when I had prior to lock-down. However, this past order I did get the conditioner again as I am now working, and blowdrying more frequently. This batch of conditioner does not smell like lemongrass as it always had before. Have you changed the formula in this past year?