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Secret for Beautiful Hair and Skin 100% Pure Mulberry White 22-Momme Silk Pillow Case

Once you switch to silk pillow cases, you will never want to sleep on anything else ever again. 

  • 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk
  • Anti Aging - 43% less friction than cotton
  • More gentle on your hair than cotton
  • Anti Dust Mites - eliminate allergies caused by dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial & Non-Irritating
  • Anti Sleep Crease - more delicate on skin by 47%
  • Anti Bed Head - stops split ends and hair damage
  • Helps your skin retain moisture
  • Better Hair, Glowing Skin, Enhanced Sleep & Reduced Wrinkles

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Customer Reviews

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Moriah (Belle Plaine, US)
Seriously, The Best!

I wasn't expecting the night sweats to stop! 😳 I didn't realize how breathable and cooling silk is. I was told all my life that cotton is the most breathable, mind you I had a cotton pillowcase prior to my purchase. I also stopped waking up with crazy hair. I bought my toddler this pillowcase too for her crazy hair and it is helping immensely. I'm just all-around happy with this product! I'm definitely going to be buying again! And for those of you wondering, the color of the pillowcase is an ivory white. It's beautiful!

Cynthia L. (Boardman, US)
pillow case

lovely to look at, lovely to sleep on. Why am I not surprised!