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DIY split end treatment

DIY split end hair mask Nature QueenHi Nature Queens,

After our blog post about DIY mask for curly hair, we receive so many questions regarding how to treat split ends. We decided that you want to have a blog post dedicated to that.

Why this mask?

The first thing you need to know about split ends is that they are irreversible. That's it, once you have split ends, you can't patch them back together. The best thing you can do to cope with split ends is to cut them off.  

OK, if that is all you can do to split ends, why do I even write this blog post to begin with. The thing is split ends is the dedication that your hair is dry. After you cut the split ends off, you will continue to get new ones, on and on until you treat the dryness problem your hair has. This treatment mask contains honey, a humectant that attract moisture to your hair, almond oil which seals in the moisture, and apple cider vinegar which helps close your cuticles. Apple cider vinegar might be too acidic for your scalp, so make sure to apply this treatment to your hair only.

The recipe

Here is what you need:
• 2 tbsp honey: act as a humectant
• 1 tbsp almond oil: seal in moisture
• 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar: help close the cuticles
Nature Queen herbal shampoo and conditioner

Combine apple cider vinegar, honey, and almond oil together into a paste and spread it on your hair, focusing on the end, avoid your scalp. Leave for 30 minutes then wash your hair. Washing your hair post hair mask is the most important part of this process because we do not want to leave any residual of the mask (greasy hair!), or wash too much and rinse off all our hard work!

To wash your hair post hair mask, first rinse your hair with warm water. Once your hair is completely saturated with water, use a generous amount of Nature Queen shampoo to wash your hair. Using a gentle cleansing shampoo like Nature Queen is so important because harsh shampoo will wash off all your hard work away.

After the first shampoo, if your hair still feel greasy, you can shampoo again. Nature Queen shampoo allow you to wash your hair several times after hair mask (until your hair feel clean) because it is so gentle, only cleanse the part of the mask that are on the surface of your hair, not the part that already penetrated into your hair cuticles. After shampooing, you use conditioner but most likely you won't need to! Voila! Beautiful hair!

Common mistakes

Some people told me hair masks do nothing for their hair, so I want to list here some common mistakes people might make while doing hair mask:

1. Not leaving the mask long enough: the hair mask needs time to penetrate inside your hair shafts. If you don't leave it on long enough, the mask only sits on top on your hair, and will be wash away when you wash your hair.

2. Use the wrong shampoo: similarly, when you use a harsh shampoo (or worse - baking soda) instead of Nature Queen, the shampoo opens the cuticles and wash not only the mask residual, but also all your hard work away.

3. Use hair mask too often: we recommend using this hair mask once a week or every other week. There is only so much our hair can absorb, so if you use this mask too often, you will end up with build ups rather than silky smooth hair.

That's all I have for today! #IAmANatureQueen