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DIY Hair mask for curly hair

DIY Curly Hair Mask With AvocadoHi Nature Queens,

We receive so many questions from curly hair followers who asked us about how to naturally take care of their curly hair. You see, curly hair is very hard to take care of because the structure of the hair make it more prone to lose moisture than straight hair, leaving dry brittle hair. However, if you moisturize too often, curly hair often loses its beautiful natural curls, becoming flat and lifeless. Today, we want to bring you an all natural DIY hair mask that is perfect for curly hair, leaving you soft manageable hair with beautiful curls.

Why this mask?

The secret to this DIY hair mask is the balance between protein and moisture. Moisture is what makes our hair flexible and shiny, while protein is what keep the structure (natural curls) of your hair. Too much protein you will get strong hair that is unmanageable, and too much moisture you will have shiny but limpy hair.

The recipe

Here is what you need:

• An egg: provide protein
• 1 tbsp honey: act as a humectant
• 1 tbsp olive oil: seal in moisture
• 2 tbsp mayonnaise: provide protein and seal in moisture
Nature Queen herbal shampoo and conditioner

Combine egg, honey, olive oil and mayonnaise together into a paste and spread it on your hair, focusing on the end. Leave for 30 minutes then wash your hair. Washing your hair post hair mask is the most important part of this process because we do not want to leave any residual of the mask (greasy hair!), or wash too much and rinse off all our hard work!

To wash your hair post hair mask, first rinse your hair with cool or warm water. We don't want to use hot water because the egg in the mask might turn into scramble egg, which make it impossible to wash off. Once your hair is completely saturated with water, use a generous amount of Nature Queen shampoo to wash your hair. Using a gentle cleansing shampoo like Nature Queen is so important because harsh shampoo will wash off all your hard work away.

After the first shampoo, if your hair still feel greasy, you can shampoo again. Nature Queen shampoo allow you to wash your hair several times after hair mask (until your hair feel clean) because it is so gentle, only cleanse the part of the mask that are on the surface of your hair, not the part that already penetrated into your hair cuticles. After shampooing, you use conditioner but most likely you won't need to! Voila! Beautiful hair!

Common mistakes

Some people told me hair masks do nothing for their hair, so I want to list here some common mistakes people might make while doing hair mask:

1. Not leaving the mask long enough: the hair mask needs time to penetrate inside your hair shafts. If you don't leave it on long enough, the mask only sits on top on your hair, and will be wash away when you wash your hair.

2. Use the wrong shampoo: similarly, when you use a harsh shampoo (or worse - baking soda) instead of Nature Queen, the shampoo opens the cuticles and wash not only the mask residual, but also all your hard work away.

3. Use hair mask too often: we recommend using this hair mask once a week or every other week. There is only so much our hair can absorb, so if you use this mask too often, you will end up with build ups rather than silky smooth hair.

That's all I have for today! #IAmANatureQueen