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4 Hair Protection Hacks Using Just One Great, Herbal Product

Do you feel like your hair is brittle, or maybe it falls out more easily than normal? If you’re concerned with how much hair is in your shower drain each morning or clumped on your brush bristles, you might want to consider some extra ways to start protecting your hair from breakage.

So, what should you do? Use more conditioner? Try an oil treatment or a detox?

How about an herbal shampoo and conditioner that contains the best of both worlds – herbs and botanicals that can protect your hair and stimulate your scalp? 

An Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner That Protects Hair While Stimulating New Growth

A hair care routine that is jam-packed with growth-promoting herbal botanicals, such as the healthy hair growth bundle from Nature Queen, is a great way to treat your scalp naturally for rejuvenation and renewal. 

Nature Queen’s herbal shampoo and conditioner have four of the best hair protection hacks formulated right into one shampoo and conditioner combination:

  1. Gleditsia Australis Fruit (or Honey Locust, Chumket, bo ket) gives hair a healthy sheen and more manageability. This conditioning fruit is also known for promoting hair growth, restoring/balancing the sebaceous glands, and combating bacteria.
  2. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) is both an antibacterial and an antimicrobial, which helps minimize pesky dandruff, fungal infections, and other skin conditions that can potentially plague the scalp. Lemongrass oil helps strengthen hair follicles making it an ideal ingredient for those suffering from hair thinning or loss.
  3. Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is a skin savior. This herb is best known for improving blood circulation and for its antioxidant properties. Those susceptible to thinning and brittle hair can expect to see an overall improvement in the composition of their tresses.
  4. Indian Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) combats and removes toxins as well as bacteria. Its tonic-like capabilities purify, detox, and stimulate the scalp. Also, Goosegrass promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles which increases hair growth.

In combination, our herbal infusion shampoo CLEANSES hair gently without drying out the scalp or stripping your hair color. The shampoo and conditioner combination contain extracts that stimulate blood flow to hair follicles.  They also work to balance the sebaceous glands in order to PROMOTE HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH – naturally! Then, the conditioner’s Argan oil and Gleditsia extracts lock in SHINE and MOISTURE, without weighing your hair down. This means shiny, bouncy, voluminous hair is all yours! Not to mention, Nature Queen’s herbal hair products protect your hair and scalp against environmental damage, making them a fantastic DETOX between treatments, coloring, and daily blow-drying and ironing.

The Healthy Hair Growth Bundle

You could even take your hair protection a step further with the Healthy Hair Growth Bundle!

That’s the Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner PLUS a Protective Hair Oil PLUS a Root-nourishing Serum.

The Nature Queen Protective Hair Oil utilizes organic coconut oil and rice bran oil to help strengthen your hair, boost your follicles, and rejuvenate your scalp. The result is a versatile, natural, and convenient product that’s safe for any hair texture or shade—it even works for processed and color-treated hair—and can be suitable for people who are sensitive to fragrances and chemicals.

Then, you’ve got the Root-nourishing Serum, which contains peptides that will wake up your follicles, encourage blood circulation, and restore your hair’s natural radiance while helping it grow faster. Here’s the thing:  Just as the effects of aging can leave fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, it can result in hair loss and dryness on your scalp. So, sometimes the best protection your hair needs is a little help to slow signs of age-related hair loss and a natural boost the vitality and appearance of your hair and scalp.

Use all three in combination for a great healthy hair hygiene routine that will keep your hair at its best and looking beautiful for years to come.

So, how did we come up with the right combination of natural botanicals to put into our hair growth boosting hair care products?

Our inspiration came from the lush and tropical fields of Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, local women there have enjoyed long luscious hair that grows to their knees, having discovered the beautifying and healing properties of different types of herbs. For generations, mothers have passed on this unique recipe to their daughters. And over generations, have gradually improved it to protect and nourish women’s hair and scalp, in an ever-changing environment.

We knew that the women of Southeast Asia were on to something – the proof is in the pudding, as they say!  So, when we went looking for the best ingredients to battle the modern woman’s biggest beauty threat – we went right to the source to see if we could replicate the luster and shine of the hair we envied most.

But Wait, there’s more!

For ultimate protection, here are some bonus hair protection tips you can start doing today:

  • Sun exposure can damage your hair and your scalp and turn gray/white and light blond hair dingy. Invest in a collection of chic hats or channel your inner Hepburn with a silk scarf while you’re out and about.  And if your accessories clash with your look for the day, opt for a hair mist product that includes SPF – yes, they exist! There are many hairstyling products that offer double duty to smooth gray strands while protecting them from UV damage and discoloration
  • Give your hair a good rinse (or a full wash) after a dip in a chlorinated pool. Chlorine can change your hair colors and make it brittle.
  • Have your water tested for heavy mineral deposits that can tinge your hair color. If you find out that your tap water contains a lot of mineral deposits, consider a shower head filter to remove some of the minerals that might turn your hair yellow.
  • Heat styling treatments can damage your hair. Yes, that includes blow-drying, curling, and straightening!  And if your hair is already very fine, it’s even more sensitive to heat. So, dial back the heat levels on your styling tools or try a heat-protectant product before applying heat.

To Reverse Damage Done from Sun, Chemicals, and Product Build-up, Try a Detox

Between curling or straightening treatments, hairspray and other products we use to tame our tousles, product can build up on our hair strands. Even if you shampoo regularly, it’s typical to have a little build-up. That’s why it’s a good idea to occasionally strip the hair down to its most natural state with a hair “detox.”

A hair detox is a process by which you use a series of products that are formulated to balance the pH of your scalp, strip down any product or dirt residue, and invigorate circulation to the follicles.

The good news is that Nature Queen’s shampoo utilizes a combination of natural herbs that offer a great hair detox. Don’t just take my word, either. Lyss Ryann is a Youtuber who posts a lot of hair tutorials for her fans. She really puts her hair through the wringer – coloring often, bleaching highlights, blow drying and using irons a lot.  She told us that she uses Nature Queen as her hair detox to strip it back down and revitalize it between rounds of harsh treatment.

So, here are Lyss’s tips for detoxing hair:

  1. In your regular shower/bath routine, wet your hair down thoroughly.
  2. Use several pumps of the shampoo (from 3-5 depending on how long/thick your hair is)
  3. Work the shampoo into the roots, really massaging your scalp vigorously. This alone stimulates the scalp, but the Indian Goosegrass and Holy Basil extracts are known for stimulating follicles and encouraging blood circulation in the scalp.  (You can even see how stimulating it is by noticing how red her scalp is on her hair part at the end of her video on our website.)
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Work the conditioner (Lyss recommends several pumps at a time) starting from the bottom of your hair. Lyss explains that her colored hair gets very dry and brittle, while her natural hair at the roots gets pretty oily quickly. Since the shampoo’s ingredients promote equilibrium of the sebaceous glands in the scalp, Lyss doesn’t re-hydrate the roots of her hair with the conditioner. She just uses the conditioner on the bottom of her hair. 

Ready for a hair care routine that’s natural, safe for color-treated hair and white/silver hair, gluten free, never tested on animals, and come in eco-friendly packaging? Check out Nature Queen’s line of hair protection and hair growth products here!